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Cobweb Garden Works Privacy

Since the inception of the Data Protection Act and subsequently the (GDPR ) General Data Protection Regulations all UK companies have been required to treat all forms of data held in relation to individuals in accordance with these two laws. 

Cobweb Garden Works are committed to ensuring that any information passed by you to us is treated to fully comply with these laws. 

In order to process our customers’ orders and enquiries we need to collect their names, addresses, contact numbers and email addresses, we do this to enable us to contact you and to fulfill services. We retain information regarding orders placed to allow us to better serve your needs should you have any questions or queries regarding any product that we have supplied or any service that we have carried out. We are also required by law to retain data on any monetary transactions for a prescribed period. 

We will not sell or rent your details to any third party, we will however at times need to share elements of your personal details for the following reasons:

  • Members of the Cobweb Garden Works team in order to process your orders and/or carryout services.

  • Statutory organisations such HMRC with whom we are legally obliged to share data. 

  • You are entirely within your rights to request information as to how we obtain and use your information and to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. 

  • If you feel that any information that we hold about you is incorrect please do let us know so that we can update your account. 

You can request that we erase any personal information that we hold about you and we will always do our best to comply with such a request subject to having to retain any details stipulated by regulatory bodies such as financial transactions that we are legally bound to retain for seven years. 

In all instances above please contact us: 

Cobweb Garden Works

07852 549005

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